Frumosa Have you ever been to a fruit stand in Taiwan? The tangy fruit aromas and rich colours immediately conveying how delicious, sweet and juicy they taste! We started this project from the English naming, creating the brand name “Frumosa”. It is a combination of the words fruit and the old Portuguese name for Taiwan, “Formosa”, the beautiful island, famous for its variety in fruits and their quality.

The main visuals of the brand adopt the style of a collection, inspired by the little stickers which often mark the origin and quality grades of the merchandise and adding a sense of familiarity. The colour system comes from the large umbrellas commonly found at fruit vendor stalls, which are red, yellow, blue and green, supported by secondary colours which are saturated and vivid, same as the fruits! Stencil characters, cardboard carton and sealing tape complete the assembly of elements of what a fruit stand in Taiwan should be like – random beauty born out of colourful and orderly chaos.