CAFE!N X Toy Story 25th anniversary How would you combine a modern low-profile coffee chain with the colourful and diverse world of Toy Story? Step into the latest outlet of Cafe!n, located in an historical building in the old merchant district of Taipei, where we applied pen stroke style illustrations of the beloved Toy Story characters in iconic scenes. Subtly recalling the touching memories of the franchise’s movies.

For the co-branding products, the CAFE!N minimalist style is further enhanced with even simpler versions of the illustrations. Knowing the importance and influence this movie franchise has had over the years, the characters’ iconic personalities are subtly applied, with the colours jumping out boldly. Once you spot the details, anyone familiar with Toy Story will immediately smile in recognition.

Timeless humour brings out everyone’s inner child. Many grew up with Toy Story for 25 years – only as adults do we learn how to appreciate the bitterness of coffee, in this Cafe!n Toy Story cross-over the two experiences come together, enjoying a cup of coffee, all the while indulging in nostalgic memories of cinema or tv evenings.