Chamonix Being an iconic dining choice for celebrating important occasions, Chamonix restaurants have been serving Teppanyaki cuisine since 2005. As the name suggests, the originally Japanese style food is given a French twist in their interpretation of this iron griddle cooking. Chamonix is the largest Teppanyaki restaurant chain within the Wowprime group, who in turn is the largest restaurant conglomerate in Taiwan. With this rebranding project we focused on emphasising the French naming and of a luxurious, yet accessible dining experience.

As the brand has existed over 15 years and is well-known, we decided to concentrate on the Western name instead of focussing on the Chinese, rearranging the text, making the for Chinese speakers unusual name Chamonix easier to pronounce and memorise. Taking inspiration from the rich graphic culture of France, only typeface has been used for a European look. The pattern expresses the elegant lines of Iris leaves and flowers, as well as the enchanting flames of the fire which reflect the essence of the hot iron plate cooking method. The colours are a delicate balance between traditionalism and modernity. Photography by Andrew Kan